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 Sunairess Eyewear is an eyewear distributor company whose passion for eyewear has created a solid foundation for its optical collections. We’ve been pursuing and evolving right along with the ever changing movements of the eyewear industry for well over 30 years. Our experience and passion for eyewear allows us to infuse fashion into our collections.


 Our collections Optiluxe Couture, Optiluxe, Opti offer a perfect balance of products that meet the needs of your optical dispensary. Ranging from luxurious eyewear with distinctive shapes, bold patterns, lush accents and color schemes to casual everyday eyewear.


 Our brands are true to its owner’s French heritage, they are a reflection of our customers’ refined tastes; there is no visible logo on the frames. To Sunairess Eyewear, what matters most is the design statement, not a signature. 

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 Sunairess Eyewear Inc. only sells to optical retailers. If you are a consumer who is interested in purchasing our product feel free to contact us to find out your nearest retailer. 


7600 Northwest 63rd Street, Miami, Florida 33166, United States

(305) 594-1980